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  • SKU: SKU3966
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Dark Renaissance Books
  • Print Run: 100
  • Release Date: 2014
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(Signed trade paperback)

Michael Aronovitz



Mikey Fitzsimmons and his friends only went to St. Mary’s Cemetery to hang out and tell ghost stories. Mikey’s father, the gravedigger, had the keys to the mausoleums.

Fourteen-year-old Alice Arthur had drowned that past summer. Mikey invented her frightening legend to scare his pals. They made their way down: to open the heavy granite door, to move aside the mosquito netting, to creep up for a close look at the body.

They had no idea what they were to awaken down there.

“…the exquisitely, excruciatingly slowand gradual way in which the horror builds and builds to a spectacular climax. What starts out as a lark turns into something far more terrifying. It is this sense of the insidious, all-engulfing nature of the ghost that is the most impressive thing about Alice Walks.”

S.T. Joshi