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  • SKU: SKU3714
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Bad Moon Books
  • Artist: Matt Dixon
  • Page Count: 400+
  • Print Run: 69
  • Release Date: November 2013
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(Signed Limited Hardcover)

Benjamin Kane Ethridge



A decade has passed since the events of BLACK & ORANGE and the Church of Midnight has almost been singlehandedly decimated by the Nomad named Patty Middleton.

After a series of mass executions, she demands to get answers from the mysterious Messenger, and is tireless in her pursuit, despite the protests of her partner. While Patty seems closer to discovering the identity of the Messenger, she has also developed a dangerous condition with her power to create the invisible fields known as mantles. This condition could kill her or people around her, just when she needs to focus on her enemies, who now include a government group known as the Office of Arcane Phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Chaplain Cloth, disappointed and impatient with years of failing, seeks a rumored pair of columns that will hold the gateway open forever. Patty Middleton is more than a match for him though, and half of his Church is gone. If he doesnít make his move now he might not get another chance for thousands of years. Thereís no room for error. He has to get those columns and sacrifice the Heart of the Harvest.

But this year the Heart isnít in our world.

This time around, the Nomads and Chaplain Cloth are spending Halloween in the Old Domain.

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