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  • SKU: SKU7431
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  • Publisher: Bad Moon Books
  • Artist: Luke Spooner
  • Page Count: Approximately 85
  • Print Run: 500
  • Release Date: 2013


(Trade paperback edition)

Dennis Etchison (editor)



Over 15,000 words, a never before published conversation with Dennis Etchison that happened in front of Dennis' UCLA class one night, for more than two hours. Very relaxed, and they covered his entire career. Quite remarkable — unique, really.

From the interview, "Richard Matheson is a writer’s writer. It is impossible to say whether he is best known for his short stories (collected in Born of Man and Woman/Third from the Sun, The Shores of Space, the classic Shock! series), motion picture and television scripts (Duel, Burn, Witch, Burn!, The Twilight Zone, The Martian Chronicles, many others), or novels (The Shrinking Man, I Am Legend, What Dreams May Come, Bid Time Return [filmed as Somewhere In Time,] Hell House, etc.) He did it all with excellence for more than fifty years and received both the Howard and Bram Stoker Awards for Lifetime Achievement".

"Whatever the subject matter — science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery or mainstream — his style is intensely realistic and gripping, with a sense of honesty and personal conviction that cannot be faked. The short stories in particular, written in a tightly controlled, understated prose that lends his work the immediacy of a cold-sweat nightmare, are models of economy and effective storytelling, setting a standard that the best writers in this field have yet to surpass".

"As a man, Matheson is genial, soft-spoken, candid and disarmingly modest. His public appearances are few; self-promotion is not in his nature, which makes what follows all the more remarkable".

"I taught a course in creative writing for UCLA Extension,and one year Matheson called and offered to speak to the class, an extraordinarily kind gesture from a man who values his privacy. So one Tuesday evening in August he arrived at the West Los Angeles campus with his charming wife Ruth, who sat by patiently as he talked openly about his life and career, something she knew in intimate detail but followed so attentively that she might have been hearing it all for the first time. George Clayton Johnson, another legendary writer from The Twilight Zone, was also present, preferring to sit among the students and not draw attention away from the main speaker".

There was no plan for a formal interview, only a casual bull session about the nuts and bolts of writing, but we soon found ourselves in a surprisingly candid conversation that happened to occur in front of an audience. We began by discussing how he became famous overnight with the publication of “Born of Man and Woman” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, his first short story sale. This sort of thing has happened to only a few writers in the field — Brian Aldiss and "Poor Little Warrior" in the same magazine a few years later, or perhaps Ray Nelson’s "It Opens the Sky" in Venture — but I can think of no other example in which public acclaim was so immediate and unanimous. Matheson’s story made history and launched a brilliant career. The subject then turned to his early reading (no science fiction but a lot of fantasy, especially Bierce, Machen and Onions), and we were off and running..."

With an appreciation by Dennis Etchison and short introduction by Richard Christian Matheson .

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