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TWISTHORN BELLOW by Rhys Hughes (signed trade softcover)
  • SKU: SKU2562
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Atomic Fez
  • Artist: Steve Upham
  • Page Count: 231
  • Release Date: 2009
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TWISTHORN BELLOW by Rhys Hughes (signed trade softcover)

(Trade Softcover)

Rhys Hughes


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It may come as no surprise that France wants to take over the world again. But this time they plan to go much further and gain control of the spiritual dimensions too, making French the official language of the afterlife! Twisthorn Bellow is a freshly baked golem who has fallen into a vat of nitroglycerin, turning him into a living stick of dynamite. As well as battling against monsters and rock musicians, he’s the only thing that can preserve and protect the glorious British Empire and prevent the French-​​ification of the entire cosmos. But considering the French have all the best ideas and tunes, he doesn’t stand a soufflé in Hell’s chance!