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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND edited by Jennifer Brozek (trade paperback)
  • SKU: SKU2193
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Apex Publications
  • Artist: Alina Pete
  • Page Count: 245
  • Release Date: 2010

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND edited by Jennifer Brozek (trade paperback)

(Trade Paperback)

Jennifer Brozek (editor)


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We’ve all heard the stories of what happens to those who go to lovers’ lane and of the folly of flashing your lights at another car at night. We all know someone who knows someone that survived a meeting with Bloody Mary and another who picked up a hitchhiker that then disappeared. And we all know these stories aren’t true. They’re just urban legends. Right?


Sometimes the stories we hear are true. Often they’re more than they seem. These are the urban legends with alien explanations and the alien encounters mistaken for urban legends. The line between one and the other is so blurred in this anthology of stories about Close Encounters of the Urban Kind that you will never look another urban legend the same way again.

Table of Contents:
Foreword—Jennifer Brozek
“Lollo”—Martin Livings
“Green Tears on Black Velvet”—Jeff Soesbe
“Racing Lights”—Erik Scott de Bie
“Waterheads”—Ivan Ewert
“The Fingernail Test”—Bev Vincent
“Headlights”—Jennifer Pelland
“Shiny Eyes”—Jonathan McKinney
“The Invitation”—Carole Johnstone
“Frames of Reference”—Nathan Crowder
“Late Night Snack”—Robert Farnsworth
“Two Out, Wendigo”—Rosemary Jones
“The Hippie Monster of Eel River”—Shannon Page
“Roadkill”—Rick Silva
“End of Life”—Richard Lee Byers
“Tea Cups & Saucers”—Ramsey Lundock
“Gloomy Sunday”—Eddy Webb
“Mastihooba”—Joshua Palmatier
“I Am Sorry for So Rarely Talking to Strangers”—Alma Alexander
“Dead Letter Drop”—Pete Kempshall
“It Came From the Backseat”—Eric R. Lowther