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  • SKU: SKU2190
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Dark Regions Press
  • Artist: Marge Simon
  • Page Count: 96
  • Release Date: 2008


(Trade Paperback)

Bruce Boston



Praise for The Nightmare Collection

"The Nightmare Collection is a stunning showcase of vivid prose. Alluring and provocative, emotive and often amusing, this is storytelling of the highest order. Boston once again demonstrates why he is the undisputed master of of dark poetry." -Michael McBride

"Boston's strange landscape of nether worlds and beings invokes a state of mind the reader will gladly be pulled into, even at the risk of discovering a dark truth that threatens one's reality...a fantastic collection!" --Corrine De Winter, Bram Stoker Award author of The Woman at the Funeral

"Certain elemnets of craft do transcend the issue of shape and assist the sense of speculation. It doesn't matter whether Boston rhymes, alliterates in free verse, or employs the poetic sentence. There's a strong sense of clarity within The Nightmare Collection. Again, this comes back to Williams famous little dictum. The collections bristles with things. Vivid imager abound, which is fundamentally needed. Speculation is an abstract action. Without grounding the reader, in, say, Boston's "Surreal Office" where the arm rests are arms and the sofa is a lap, the poetry would just be a loose bundle of ideas, and that would be boring - as boring as a collection where the writer was more concerned with communicating their feelings than speaking a language of evocative imagery. Boston does what any successful speculative poet should do. He puts the reader in weird, strange, landscapes; he gives a visual context for his ideas. In the end, it makes for a wild ride." - Rich Ristow, Dark Scribe Magazine