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  • SKU: SKU1891
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs.
  • Publisher: Bad Moon Books
  • Artist: Jill Bauman
  • Page Count: 116
  • Print Run: 150
  • Release Date: October 2009
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(Signed Limited Softcover)

Paul Melniczek


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THE WATCHING by Paul Melniczek. The FIRST in our new Halloween line. Signed/numbered trade paperback. Also get a special chapbook titled "Bad Candy" with Al Sarrantonio short and two more from Paul Melniczek.

A young girl witnesses something horrific from her bedroom window, a scene which snatches away her childhood innocence and replaces it with terror. Her life becomes a routine of desperation filled with shadows and darkness, void of any hope. Her home becomes her prison, her life an unending cycle of despair. And her nightmares are of the worst kind, ones which are not separated by the barrier between dream and reality.

"Paul Melniczek ranks among that elite cadre of bright new authors who are collectively producing a 21st-century renaissance of high-quality horror fiction. His work is literate and moving, and displays a genuine understanding of the genre's roots, combined with an excellent sense of how best to honor and extend these in contemporary tales of supernatural horror. The Watching may be his finest effort yet, with its supernatural story of wrenching loss and shattered dreams wrapped in a delicious and deeply emotional evocation of autumnal darkness in a small American town." -Matt Cardin, Author of Dark Awakenings

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